Roofing Fort Worth

Roofing Fort Worth homes for over 20 years, Patrick’s Roofing is Fort Worth’s premier residential roofing contractor. We perform all types of residential roofing services including roof replacements, new roofs (new construction), roof repairs, & tear offs and new decking. Although we spend most of our time roofing in the Fort Worth area, we have helped families throughout the Metroplex. Listen to what our happy roofing customers have to say. Learn more about the roofing process below or give us a call at 817-528-2991.

The Roofing Process


Step One: Shingle Removal

Roofing Fort Worth

Step One – Shingle Removal

We start by covering any flowers, shrubs, A/C units, plus any swimming pools or water features that need to be covered. We also protect any existing gutters with a gutter brace, that protects your gutters and house when we place our ladders against them. When roofing your home, we professionally remove your old shingles and haul them away.

Step Two: Deck Preparation

Roofing Fort Worth

Step Two – Deck Preparation

While roofing, we will replace any rotten decking as specified in our detailed agreement. We will nail down any old fasteners and make sure your roof deck is nice and clean before installing your new underlayment.

Step Three: Felt & Flashing

Roofing Fort Worth

Step Three – Lay Felt and Valley Metal

We will cover your entire roof deck with a high quality felt paper. Then we will flash any chimneys, skylights, or walls as needed to ensure those areas will not leak. We also install 20″ Valley Metal in all of the valleys on your roof.

Step Four: Roof Vents & Ventilation

Roofing Fort Worth

Step Four- Installing Vents

We will replace all of your roof vents as specified in your roofing agreement. We use the highest quality vents in the industry that will ensure years of trouble free performance. These brands include CertainTeed Shingle Vent II Ridge Vents, Whirly Bird Wind Turbines, Lomanco 750 Slant Backs and Airvent B144 Round Vents just to name a few. We will make sure your home is properly ventilated to help you stay cool in our hot Texas summers.

Step Five: Roofing your Home

Roofing Fort Worth

Step Five – Laying Shingles

Once the felt and flashing has been done we will start applying your CertainTeed Shingles. We will install your shingles by the manufactures exact specifications. This is a very important part of the job because a bad installation could mean problems in the future. We make sure that every shingle has the proper amount of fasteners and that the fasteners are properly placed. We also over deliver by using nails instead of staples. This helps ensure a trouble free and long lasting roof for your home. There are a lot of things that can be overlooked, or that can be done wrong when laying a new roof. That’s why our crews are highly trained and are very conscientious in laying your new roof.

Roofing Fort Worth

Step Six: Caulking & Painting Roof Vents

Roofing Fort Worth

Step Six – Caulking & Painting Vents

After the shingles are installed we will caulk all of your vents, chimneys, and skylights. Plus we will paint all of your vents with a Roofmaster paint.

Step Seven: The Cleanup

Roofing Fort Worth

Step Seven – Clean Up

We will clean out your gutters and also clean up your yard. Then we will run a magnet roller around your home to get any stray nails that may have been left behind. Our goal when cleaning up is that you won’t even know we were there except for your beautiful new roof.


During all of these steps there will be an English speaking foreman on your job, keeping you informed on the progress. Patrick, the owner checks on most of the jobs himself and is always just a phone call away while your new roof is being installed.

Patrick’s Roofing has been Roofing Fort Worth area homes for over 18 years, call us today at 817-528-2991.