roofing fort worth What to watch watch out for when choosing a roofing company.

#1Watch out for storm chasers. Be very cautious of the roofing companies that are walking your neighborhoods, knocking on your doors and calling your phones. These companies are usually storm chasing companies. The storm chasing companies goal is to get in quick after the storm, sell as many roofs as they can and get out quick moving on to the next storm, wherever that may be.The local and reputable roofing companies like us do not need to knock on your doors after the storm hits to get business. We have customers calling us.

respectable roofers fort worth
We have been local and in good standings for so long that we have many return customers and referrals calling us right after the storm. We don’t have the time to knock doors or do telemarketing for work. Stay away from the door knockers and telemarketers. There is usually a reason they are having to walk neighborhoods and the reason is usually they don’t have a local clientele that they have built up over the years by doing great work.

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#2Do not sign anything until you are sure which roofing company that you want to use. There are roofing scams that have came out in the last few years where a salesman will ask you to sign a piece of paper stating that he can speak to your insurance company on your behalf and that they will do your roofing job at no cost to you. Then they come back and say that your insurance company is not paying enough money and that you will have to pay them thousands of dollars to roof your home. Then they tell you that in the small print of the document that you signed it says that you have to use them or pay a substantial penalty to get out of the contract. Don’t sign ANYTHING until you have received a firm estimate of charges and you have done research on the roofing company.

#2Be careful showing your insurance paperwork to roofing companies before they give you their detailed estimate. My company will price your job off of our price list so it makes no difference to us how much your insurance company is paying you for your roof. Many roofing companies out there won’t even work up an estimate for you until seeing your insurance paperwork because they want all of the money that your insurance company is paying for themselves. In other words their prices will fluctuate based on how much money each insurance company is paying each individual homeowner. My company is not like that. We go off our price list on every quote in the hopes that we can save you money on your roofing job.

#4Check the companies Better Business Bureau Record. Just because a company is a member of The BBB doesn’t mean they have a good record and rating. Be sure that the company you choose has nothing less than an A+ Rating.

#5Solid References and no money down. Every local company should have many references in your area with names address’ and phone numbers for you to check out. Do not pay any money down. All local roofing companies should have good local credit and should not need any money from you upfront. Payment in full when job is completed only.

#6Watch out for cheap laborers and cheap material. This is an easy way for roofing companies to give you the cheapest price. Some companies have cheap laborers who don’t have enough experience to roof your home correctly. Many roofing companies don’t even know the names of the roofers on your home. Some also use inexpensive material, which will cause you problems down the road. The company you use should have highly trained crews and be using high quality shingles like CertainTeed. You get what you pay for.

#7English speaking supervisors. You need to confirm that the company that you choose will have an English-speaking supervisor on your job at all times. Many companies just give their crews your address and tell them to go do the job and then the supervisor comes to get the check when they are done. There is nothing more frustrating than to have a question or concern about your roofing job and nobody on your roof speaks English. And there are many things that need to be checked during the job, not after.

#8The price and the no leak guarantee. Confirm before signing a contract that the price on the contract will not change for any reason, even have them write it into the contract if you want. Some companies give you a good price to get you to sign and then raise your price after the roof has been torn off. Also remember that a no leak guarantee is only as good as the company who gives it. If the company is out of business or in another state two years later then their no leak guarantee is useless to you.

These are just a few things that can help you choose the right roofing company for you.

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Patrick Malpass
Owner of Patrick’s Roofing